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Time Flies When You’re Busy…

21 Mar

Hey Everyone,

Great Waste has been so busy the last few months, we can not believe all of the amazing things we have going on.

From Mascot Competitions to Fundraisers and we are even halfway through coaching another T-Ball season…

First off we have,

Paulie Great Waste better known as Paulie G. Waste made popular by his twitter name @PaulieGWaste, has made it into the FINAL 4 in The Waste & Recycling Newspapers 1st Annual Mascot Madness Competition.

This is a national competition and right now if you follow the link below you can vote as many times as you like for our Mascot “Paulie G. Waste” he is up against one of our fellow competitors here in Miami Waste Pro USA’s WastePro Man, But just between us, Paulie has this!

Then we have an awesome Fundraiser dinner luau this Friday night in Marathon Fla Keys, at the local Elks Lodge. The fundraiser will benefit the Best Buddies South Florida Friendship Walk 2012.

The Great Waste walking team “Garbage Girls” will be hosting the event all details will be pictured below with a link to the team page for donations to this wonderful organization.

Last but certainly not least, the sales and markering manager at Great Waste, Amanda Piccinonna has volunteered her time again as an assistant coach at the beautiful Miami Lakes Optimist Club Park.

This season Great Waste is a proud sponsor of the T-Ball 6u “Phillies”, these lil sluggers are doing “GREAT” this season! Stay up to date with our blog as we will be posting more pictures of the team as the season continues.


Well that wraps up the last few weeks here at Great Waste.

Stay tuned for  more updates and some photo blogs on the latest event we participated in and sponsored, “The 5th Annual Taste of Miami Lakes Festival”



VOTE For Paulie Great Waste here:



DONATE to Best Buddies here:



Hello 2012!

30 Dec

Wishing You and Yours a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!!


Your Friends at GREAT WASTE 🙂

Fun FACT Friday…

30 Dec

FACT: Eighty per cent of all pollution in seas and oceans comes from land-based activities

Fun FACT Monday…

26 Dec

Okay we did indeed miss our post on Friday December 23rd 2011, But we are not quite sure anyone would have been reading anyways!

Everyone was in Christmas Party mode! No time for Facts!

Today’s make-up Fun Fact is “Christmas Tree’s for Dinner”

Yes you heard correctly, Evergreen is not only edible but nutrient enriched packing a good amount of Vitamin C and a good source of roughage.

So before you throw out that tree this year jump on the internet and look up some evergreen recipes for your New Years Eve Dinner!

Fun FACT Friday!

16 Dec

In the United States alone, annual trash from gift-wrap and shopping bags totals 4 million tons.

Just a FACT!!! (not a FUN one)

10 Dec

 73 million sharks are killed every year to meet the increasing demand for shark fin soup, resulting in the collapse of many shark populations worldwide.

There is no one type of shark used for the Fin Soup this effects ALL shark populations. Many are finned and thrown back into the ocean to sink to the bottom and die a slow uncalled for death.

Please take a moment and make a stand for a species that can not speak for itself.

Follow this link and SAY NO!

The Reason For the Season….

30 Nov


This season Great Waste will help make one families holiday a little brighter.


Great Waste is proud to announce their adoption this holiday season of a Family of six located in the City of Opa Locka, FL.


Thank you to the Neighbors 4 Neighbors program we were able to adopt a family right in the city in which we work everyday, it is a great feeling to know you are helping a family in your very own community!