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Fun FACT Friday…

30 Dec

FACT: Eighty per cent of all pollution in seas and oceans comes from land-based activities


Just a FACT!!! (not a FUN one)

10 Dec

 73 million sharks are killed every year to meet the increasing demand for shark fin soup, resulting in the collapse of many shark populations worldwide.

There is no one type of shark used for the Fin Soup this effects ALL shark populations. Many are finned and thrown back into the ocean to sink to the bottom and die a slow uncalled for death.

Please take a moment and make a stand for a species that can not speak for itself.

Follow this link and SAY NO!


Fun FACT Friday!

21 Oct


FACT: Man kills over 100 million sharks a year, Sharks cause less than five deaths worldwide per year.

Fun FACT Friday!

14 Oct

FACT: In one year, a single Great White consumes about 11 tons of food.

Here at Great Waste, each one of our Garbage Trucks will pick up about 15 tons a day that is about 5500 tons a year per truck.

Fun FACT Friday!

24 Sep

Okay it happens to be Saturday, but we can still have a Fun Fact Friday!

Fact: The average American discards 4.34 pounds of garbage every day