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Fun FACT Monday…

26 Dec

Okay we did indeed miss our post on Friday December 23rd 2011, But we are not quite sure anyone would have been reading anyways!

Everyone was in Christmas Party mode! No time for Facts!

Today’s make-up Fun Fact is “Christmas Tree’s for Dinner”

Yes you heard correctly, Evergreen is not only edible but nutrient enriched packing a good amount of Vitamin C and a good source of roughage.

So before you throw out that tree this year jump on the internet and look up some evergreen recipes for your New Years Eve Dinner!


Fun FACT Friday is Back!!!

18 Nov

So we missed a few Fridays but the FUN FACTS are back!

Fact: Estimates suggest that the average American office worker uses up to 500 disposable coffee cups each year.

As the winter months approach and we start making more and more trips to the coffee house let us all take a moment and enjoy our coffee breaks, limit the use of paper cups, ask for a mug and have a seat.

Everyone should also make an attempt to bring in their own personal mug to the office and limit the use of paper cups this holiday season and the new year to come!